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8th International Conference on System Simulation in Buildings

The 8th International Conference on System Simulation in Buildings will be held in Liege, December 13-15, 2010. Since 1982, SSB conference is an opportunity for researchers and specialists in Building and HVAC&R systems simulation to present...
Array The conference is organised by the University of Liege , organized in very close cooperation with the International Energy Agency  (IEA) and with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers  (ASHRAE...

CENSE workshop : Towards Pan-European Software for Building Energy Performance?

The purpose of this workshop is to explore these issues further, in the context of: - software companies considering the regulatory market as an extension to existing design tools or e.g. as part of building stock maintenance tools, - Member States...

Simple tool to evaluate the impact of daylight on building energy consumption

This paper presents a simple building simulation tool for integrated daylight and thermal analysis. The tool is capable of importing the thermal and visual properties for different glazings and shading positions from the Window Information System (...

Characterization and performance evaluation of solar shading devices

In the decision process of office building design, it is important to take the effect of solar shading devices into account as they have a large influence on the indoor climate and energy consumption. This paper describes a user-friendly method,...

Ordonnantie houdende wijziging van de ordonnantie van 7 juni 2007 betreffende de energieprestatie en het binnenklimaat van de gebouwen / Ordonnance modifiant l’ordonannce du 7/6/07 relative à la performance énergétique et au climat intérieur des

Ordonnatie die de wijzigingen aanduidt in de ordonantie mbt de Energieprestatie in Gebouwen. Ordonnance qui apporte les modifications dans l'ordonnance de la performance énergétique et au climat intérieur des bâtiments.

Besluit van de Brusselse Hoofdstedelijke Regering tot vaststelling van de procedure voor een alternatieve berekeningsmethode voor nieuwe gebouwen

Gelijkwaardigheid : Erkenning die het gebruik van een alternatieve berekeningsmethode in plaats van de gelderde berekeningsmethode toestaat.

Arrêté du Gouvernement de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale déterminant la procédure pour une méthode de calcul alternative pour les bâtiments neufs

Méthode de calcul alternative : méthode de calcul réglementaire visée à l’article 5, § 2, de l’Ordonnance.


In the Energieausweis-Zentrale you can find all the important information on calculation, certification and OIB-Richtlinie 6(OIB Directive 6 – Energy saving and heat retention)