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What is Topic of the Month?


In Build Up we want that everyone feels involved. That is what the Topic of the Month is for, so all the community can contribute with articles, events and much more under the same topic. 


This month of January our topic is ‘New buildings as front runners for nZEB and plusEnergy building (partner of energy system)’.


Which content is related to the topic?:

  • nZEB and +Energy technology packages
  • New buildings and performances (minimum requirements and real constructions)
  • Case studies around Europe
  • Simulations and economic calculations
  • Performance indicators and thresholes
  • Current Status
  • Occupants wellbeing and indoor environmental quality
  • Materials and environmental impact assessment
  • Construction Quality and cost
  • Cost-effective solutions and co-benefits for new nZEBs as partners of energy system

Here you have the remarkable contributions of this month:


Overview Articles

Zero-Energy Buildings: does the definition influence their design and implementation? The Directive states that, from January 2019 for public buildings and January 2021 for others, all newbuild construction should reach the target NZEB. Article 9 of the EPBD goes on to require Member States to actively promote a higher market uptake of such buildings.


Discussing Finance - Financing Energy Efficiency in Malta and Italy. On 22 November 2018 a ‘Financing Energy Efficiency in Malta and Italy’ event was organised in partnership with the Maltese Ministry for Energy and Water Management, the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects of Malta and the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI).




flyer.jpgKLIMAHOUSE, Tradeshow for Energy Efficiency and Building Sustainability. From 23rd to 26th of January 2019 in Bolzano. Thanks to a good mix of exhibition offerings presented by more than 450 exhibitors, and a comprehensive information program, Klimahouse positioned itself as the leading trade show on sustainable construction in Italy.


Horizon 2020 ENERGY EFFICIENCY INFO DAY. The aim of the Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Info Day is to present funding opportunities under the 2019 call, to attract new applicants and potential beneficiaries, and to foster networking between participants. Energy efficiency topics of the 2019 will be presented in a series of workshops organised by EASME throughout the day.


Final conference ENERFUND project - New technologies and open data. The final will adress new technologies and open data can enhance ambition and implementation of climate and energy policies. The event will then delve into energy efficiency and climate financing trends, new models and issues as seen by leading financial institutions, and feature presentations from policy makers.




Webinar on New EPBD tools to trigger renovations: building renovation passports and better access to financing. EuroACE will present the final version of its Guidance Note in a series of webinars in cooperation with BUILD UP. The second webinar of the series adressed the new EPBD tools to trigger renovations: building renovation passports and better access to financing.


Webinar on Demand Response Technology Readiness Levels for Energy Management. Organized by the H2020 project DR-BOB (Demand Response in Block of Buildings) in collaboration with BUILD UP, the webinar addressed the demand response technology readiness levels for energy management in blocks of buildings. The webinar recording and the presentation are available now.


Prosolis Webtool. Based on a set of results obtained by the advanced use of BSDF functions for optical properties description of solar shading in specific thermal and daylight simulation software's, the PROSOLIS web tool helps to evaluate the impact of the glazing complex choice on both thermal and visual comforts in residential and office buildings. 



1st Nordic ZEB+ Conference: Call for abstracts. The conference will present state-of-the art research and practical solutions that pave the way towards a low carbon built environment, with a focus on Nordic countries and feature several outstanding keynote speakers from authorities within business and academia. Abstract submission is open until 1st of Februry 2019.


Webinar on Smart and Technology Equipped Buildings – new features from the amended EPBD. EuroACE is now presenting the final version of its Guide to EPBD Implementation in a series of webinars in cooperation with BUILD UP. The third webinar will take place on 13th February and will discuss the topic of ‘Smart and Technology Equipped Buildings – new features from the amended EPBD’.


EU Commission’s survey on architects’ activities in the field of energy renovation and nearly zero energy buildings. The survey shall enable to better understand solutions developed by architects, barriers to their implementation and drivers behind architects’ and clients’ choices. The Architects’ Council of Europe invites architects established in the EU to participate.




resalta.jpgNew CoNZEBs report: Assessment and solutions for cost reduction in the design and construction process. The CoNZEBs team has completed the identification of potential cost reductions in the design and construction processes. The scientific partners and the housing organisations assessed the cost related to the design and planning phase according to the specific conditions.


resalta.jpgThe iBRoad project publishes a new report on the concept and benefits of the Individual Building Renovation Roadmap. The report gives an overview of the potential services to be provided by the relevant software itself, as well as of the potential links with other tools or services available on the market, and present the ones that are to be actually implemented and tested.


Energy efficiency: the value of buildings and the payment default risk. To realise the sustainable energy potential in buildings, social, financial, technical barriers or administrative challenges need to be overcome. The European Commission launched the “Smart Finance for Smart Buildings” initiative to unlock private financing for energy efficiency investments in buildings. 




theodore.jpgThe ExcEED database for buildings of the future features the demonstration case Casa Hoval. The ExcEED project (European Energy Efficient building district Database) aims at collecting data coming from new, modern and energy efficient buildings.This data will be gathered and stored into the ExcEED database. Through the data collected the buildings' performance will be evaluated. 


theodore.jpgHouse of Ile de France, Paris, France. Located in the Cité universitaire de Paris, the Maison de l'Ile de France is the first eco-campus in the capital. The project is exemplary and implements a high energy performance strategy to meet ZEN objectives (Zero Energy, Zero Carbon, Zero Nuclear Waste) and thus anticipate the thermal regulations of 2020.




palette.jpgEuroPACE: Innovative Building Renovation Platform for European Cities. PACE can be used to pay for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation upgrades to homes and buildings. PACE financing covers up to 100% of a project’s costs and is repaid as a special assessment added to a property tax bill over a term of up to 20 years. 


palette.jpgSINFONIA project. This is a five-year initiative to deploy large-scale, integrated and scalable energy solutions in mid-sized European cities. At the heart of the initiative is a unique cooperation between the cities of Bolzano and Innsbruck, working hand in hand to achieve 40 to 50% primary energy savings and increase the share of renewables by 20% in two pioneer districts.


palette.jpgCommONEnergy project. Focuses on existing shopping malls to be refurbished and buildings with a different original function, redesigned to become shopping malls. The project addresses the transformation of typical shopping centres as lighthouses of energy efficient architectures and systems as well as assessment transparency. 


Get ready for February's Topic of the Month 'Energy Efficency Design tools' and prepare your next publications.


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