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Passive Witness House CLK, Luxembourg

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Smart Building winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

Being heavily involved in passive constructions, we wanted to create a thoughtful and sustainable building. We equipped our control house with a complete EnOcean wireless home automation system. This innovative technology works without any battery or wiring. The energy recovered during the manipulation is enough to emit a radio signal, which makes it possible, for example, to turn on the light. Products and systems with EnOcean technology are perfectly integrated into the usual home automation systems, regardless of whether these systems communicate via LON, KNX, BACnet, TCP / IP or Ethernet. This allows the implementation without much work of the concepts of sustainable energy management.


New Construction / Isolated house

Net floor area : 179m²  / Cost/m² : 1136 €  /  Cost Dwelling 125.000 €


Primary energy need :27,80 kWhpe/m2.year

(Primary energy need for standard building :45,00 kWhpe/m2.year)

Calculation method :RGD du 30 novembre 2007 - bâtiment d'habitation

Final Energy :35,00 kWhfe/m2.year


Air Tightness Value :0,26


Owner approach of sustainability :

The goal was to build an avant-garde house that reflects the philosophy of the company: our wish was to have an energy-efficient house, with efficient materials, photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels, a powerful heat pump , all with an extremely well insulated energy envelope and a perfect airtightness (N50 = 0,26h-1). We also wanted this house to be sustainable, which is why we used EPFC certified materials and a rainwater recovery system.


Architectural description :

We wanted a very modern architecture by highlighting the assets of the house which has an exceptional view to the back. All living rooms have been oriented so you can enjoy this view. We have created the space in such a way that the intimacy of the occupants is respected while keeping passive requirements in mind. The house consists of large open spaces, beautiful ceiling heights, a skylight in the kitchen and large windows.


Users\' control system opinion :

We chose this type of installation to match our ecological fiber and to limit electromagnetic waves as much as possible. By this system, we have much less electrical wiring, no batteries and radio waves propagate only during the fraction of a second during which we press the push button.


We can at any time on our Gsm by a very intuitive application to control the shutters, turn on the lights. We use it mainly to simulate our presence when we are traveling and returning later than expected. But we also use it for ease when we are in the couch.


Being able to check at all times that the windows and doors are closed is very reassuring as well.


The weather station also protects our house from overheating and lowers the blinds from the indoor temperature we choose. With indoor temperature and humidity probes and outdoor temperature and temperature sensors, we can regulate and control everything.


Now that we have got used to it, it would be difficult for us to do without it.

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CLK Constructions / Designer : Bureau d'Architecture Urbaine SARL

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