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CEN-CE project

CEN-CE is a 2-years long H2020 project started in June 2018 developing an EU-wide common large-scale training and qualification scheme for building professionals. The core of the scheme is the set of CEN EPB Standards related to the Energy...

TRAINEE project

Topics on which project TRAINEE is focused:   (a) Upgrading the existing previously established 5 qualification and training schemes for 5 on-site workers occupations with civil technicians/engineers and setting up large-scale qualification and...

NEWCOM project

NEWCOM is a European-wide project developing on the one hand training schemes to enable construction workers and building professionals to build the nearly zero-energy building standard and on the other hand creating a basis for the mutual...

BIMEET project

BIMEET (BIM-based EU -wide Standardized Qualification Framework for achieving Energy Efficiency) project aims to leverage the take-up of ICT and BIM through a significant upgrade of the skills and capacities of the EU construction workforce.  ...

SCOoPE project

The SCOoPE Project objective is to reduce energy consumption, by implementing cost-effective energy solutions, at a short term in a range between 10% and 15% directly in 81 businesses in the sectors of crop drying, meat and poultry, dairy, and fruit...

BIMplement project

Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) construction and renovation need an enhanced systematic approach for the quality control of the entire process. This is the first prerequisite to reduce the gap between designed (predicted) and actual performances...

A workflow for retrofitting façade systems for daylight, comfortable and energy efficient buildings

The building façade not only provides the aesthetic signature of a building, but also important functions, such as daylight provision, glare protection, solar gain management and visual contact with the outside, which make the building usable and...

Public workshop on digital construction skills: enabling the energy transition in Europe’s building stock

A BUILD UP Skills event during the Barcelona Building CONSTRUMAT’19 international trade fair.   The buildings sector in Europe is undergoingchange in both technology and legislation. Tighter European energy and climate targets have...

Webinar on iBRoad – My path towards an energy efficient home

Renovating a building can be complex and time consuming. For building owners, the lack of knowledge about what to do, and in which order to implement renovation measures, is one of the main obstacles to improving the energy performance of their...
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