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District heating: has its time come?

Due to its reliance on renewable energy sources, district heating is becoming a preferred energy saving solution. One of the biggest challenges, however, is convincing homeowners of the long-term value of retrofitting buildings to...

Energy efficiency’s ‘best kept secret’ delights district renovation experts

CITyFiED City members and consortium experts discovered energy efficiency’s ‘best kept secret’ Ludwigshafen and neighbouring Mannheim 30 November – 1 December 2017   Situated in the dynamic and industrial Rhein-Necker region, Ludwigshafen sits on...

Accelerating sustainable urban renovation: a pathway for success

CITyFiED Methodology is an integrated approach divided into seven phases, ranging from initial citywide diagnosis to final evaluation of the renovation. It includes an indicators tool and guidelines to support decision-making process.  ...

Make your life easier: a simple framework for selecting district energy retrofit strategies

CITyFiED has developed a way to assess and select energy efficient measures for buildings to be included in existing or new district renovation strategies. The replication framework outlines energy costs and calculations plus interviews and...

Disruptive innovation delivering industrial solutions that make a difference

The CITyFiED project met at Istanbul Technical University, September 2017 and spent time visiting fellow consortium member Mir Unique Solutions and their in house centre of technology, called MITEC, Mir Innovation and Technology Centre. Mir have...

Building renovation in Sweden: Efficient, Cheap and Green

Reducing CO2 emissions is not only about adapting new technologies, but ensuring that these technologies are also being accepted by the public.   Only when they are accepted, or better even embraced by the people, they can be implemented swiftly...

Non-technological barriers to overcome for district renovation success

Top tech not enough for district renovation success!   First in a series of three “Info Packs” from CITyFiED designed to unlock valuable insights and knowledge from the project tackles overcoming non-technological barriers in...

CITyFiED is finalist in Global District Energy Climate Awards

Torrelago reaches prestigeous district heating award finals   CITyFiED’s Spanish demonstration site has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious Global District Energy Climate Awards - with winners due to be announced at an...

CITyFiED Study Tour: energy efficieny in Ludwigshafen and Mannheim

Touch the tangible and discover energy efficiency excellence in person: CITyFiED Study Tour   City members and consortium experts set to discover pioneering Ludwigshafen and neighbouring Mannheim 30 November – 1 December...

Growing interest in CITyFiED methodology for district-scale retrofitting

Growing interest in CITyFiED’s methodology for district-scale energy efficient retrofitting   A more confident approach to mass-market deployment and replicability of district-scale energy efficient retrofitting is gaining...