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Implementation of the EPBD in HUNGARY status November 2010

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Posting Date | 16 June 2011Publication Date | 2011
Country | Hungary
Geographic Coverage | National
Author(s) | Andras Zold (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) , Tamás Csoknyai (Debrecen University , Faculty of Engineering) Ilona Soltész (Ministry of Interior)
Publisher | Concerted Action EPBD
Number pages | 10
Source Languages | English
Documentation |
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Implementation of the EPBD in HUNGARY status November 2010

Concerted Actions EPBD (CA EPBD) updated Country Report for HUNGARY
An overview of the current status of implementation and plans for future development of the EPBD in Hungary.  The report covers updates to the legislation, certification for residential, non residential and public buildings, quality assurance, training and examinations for qualified experts, inspections, including quality control mechanisms, information and communication campaigns, and incentives and subsidies.  This report is part of the work performed within the Concerted Action EPBD, co-funded by the Community´s Intelligent Energy Europe programme under the contract IEE/CA/07/333.  

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