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Indian Energy Conservation Building Code 2007

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Posting Date | 9 October 2009Publication Date | 2007
Country | Asia
Geographic Coverage | National
Type of publication | Legal document
Author(s) | Ministry of Power - Government of India
Publisher | Ministry of Power - Government of India
Number pages | 70
Source Languages | English

Indian Energy Conservation Building Code 2007

The Indian Energy Conservation Act, 2001(52 of 2001) empowers the Central Government of India to prescribe Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC). ECBC defines norms and standards of energy consumtion expressed in terms of per square metre of the area wherein energy is used and includes the location of the building. This code covers building aesthetics, building envelope, mechanical systems and equipment, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, indoor and outdoor lighting, domestic hot water, electrical power and motors, including thermal comfort equipment in non-centrally air conditioned/heated buildings. To start with, ECBC is to be used on a voluntary basis to take into consideration the transition required to make it mandatory.


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