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20 October 2010 | 0 replies | 9368 visits
The passive house concept is the ideal way to reach zero energy. Passiefhuis-Platform and Plate-Forme Maison Passive are organising the tenth edition of the PASSIVEHOUSE Symposium in ...
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8 January 2013 | Austria
Built as one of the first passive houses in Upper Austria, the house was presented with the award "House of the Future" in 2000. Due to the optimising measures conducted, the demonstration project ...
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7 January 2013 | Austria

The very first reconstruction in Austria of a single-family house to Passive House Standard in this Model project in Pettenbach/Upper Austria. The main objective is the unprecedented ...

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20 October 2014 | 0 replies | 1123 visits
Direct link to all opend Passive Houses world wide:
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9 September 2011 | 0 replies | 1262 visits
bon, si on lit les premières feuilles déjà éditées par le PHI du Dr Feist, on ne sera qu'étonné par le recours à Thermos, l'analogie avec la bouteille thermos fait partie des présentations de la ...
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How can we promote the Passive House standard in our country, in the European Union and worldwide? Stakeholders are invited to join the community for networking, discussing as well as exchanging ...
8 - 10 November 2013 | Worldwide

Over the last 20 years, Passive House has become synonymous with quality, comfort and energy requirements low enough to be feasibly and sustainably covered with renewables. From 8 – 10 ...

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9 January 2013 | Cambridge ( United Kingdom )

What is considered a low carbon building and does passivhaus provide a clear way forward? Using the UEA's Low Carbon Exemplar Building as an example of how low carbon thinking has evolved ...

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6 February 2013 | Cambridge ( United Kingdom )

This seminar focuses on the technologies and processes involved in the design, delivery and maintenance of mechanical and natural ventilation systems in Passivhaus and low carbon buildings. ...

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