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Posting Date | 11 June 2010
Type of tool | Checklist
Countries where the tool has been developed | Spain
Country where the tool is in use | Spain
Geographic Coverage | National
Target Group | Building professionals
Conditions of availability | Sale
Tool Languages | Spanish
Building Services of CYPE is a GUI software tool created for engineers and architects. It is primarily used to design buildings according to the building codes from Spain (CTE), Portugal (RCCTE) and France (RT-2005). It has also been developed to calculate the requirements for the energy performance of buildings using EnergyPlus as a calculation engine for the thermal demand of any building in the world. Building Services can be used to calculate, dimension, and verify thermal isolation, hygiene (protection against moisture, waste collection and disposal, ventilation, and water supply), sanitation, air conditioning, solar heating, gas, fire protection (BIE and sprinklers), lightning arrester, lighting, and telecommunications.
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