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Facilitation of Energy Services and the ESCO market in Europe

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End-use energy efficiency can significantly contribute to the reduction of European primary energy consumption by 20% by 2020, and will also be significant for the renewable energy and GHG emission targets. Among the priority actions and policy measures proposed by the European Commission in its Energy Efficiency Action Plan, many aim at introducing innovative financing instruments and facilitating energy service companies. A number of new policies instruments are implemented and proposed by Member States to create a market for energy efficiency and energy services (ESCOs). In spite of the crucial role energy services and ESCOs play in delivering energy efficiency improvements and thus economic benefits in certain European countries, even the most developed ESCO markets suffer from continuing barriers. The most important barriers in the European Member States that persist to the broader application of ESCO projects have been found to be hindering procurement rules, lack or mismatch of appropriate financing, low client confidence and unclear contracts, among many others. The Workshop on the Facilitation of Energy Services and the ESCO market in Europe will bring together representatives of industry, policy-makers, researchers and experts to overview and discuss the remaining barriers, the reasons behind them and potential solutions in order to foster the European ESCO market. The workshop should enable participants and the JRC to formulate recommendations that contribute to the conception, development, implementation and monitoring of community and national policies related to ESCOs. Conclusions will include the formulation of possible new legislative and non-legislative measures to stimulate energy services and the market for ESCOs.
Array The European Commission (DG Joint Research Centre) under its policy support to DG ENER organises a Workshop on the "Facilitation of Energy Services and the ESCO market in Europe" on 7 and 8 April in Florence (Italy). There will be no registration fees.

The workshop will gather about 100 key players including policy makers, ESCOs, financial institutions, and ESCO clients. The workshop results will be used to draw policy recommendations on how to enlarge the ESCO market in the EU.

Following the earlier announcement, we are pleased to inform you about conference venue and registration details:

Grand Hotel Adriatico, Via Maso Finiguerra 9 – 50123 Firenze
Tel. +39.055.27931 | Fax +39.055.289661 | |


You can now register at the following site:

You need to create a registration profile, enter the site using your profile, select "Ispra" from the horizontal menu on the top of the page and then select "April 2011" from the drop-down menu. Finally, select the name of the meeting – ESCO WORKSHOP.

Please, note that we cannot process workshop registrations via email, so all speakers and participants have to register online (including the ones who have already emailed us). The deadline for registrations is 31 March 2011, but places are limited and registration is on first come, first served basis.

In case you need further information on logistics and/or registration, please contact Ms. Rita Paiola at
DG Joint Research Center
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Ms. Rita Paiola
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