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Energy Efficiency of Lighting Installations

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As a supplement to the Code of Practice for Energy Efficiency of Lighting Installations, the Energy Efficiency Office of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department is developing this handbook of guidelines on recommended practices for energy efficiency and conservation on the design, operation and maintenance of lighting installations. The intention of this guidelines is to provide guidance notes for the lighting code and recommended practices for the designers and operators of lighting systems and installations. The guidelines in this handbook seeks to explain the requirements of the lighting code in general terms and should be read in conjunction with the lighting code. It is hoped that designers not only design installations that would satisfy the minimum requirements stated in the lighting code, but also adopt equipment, design figures or control methods above the standards of the minimum requirements. It is also the objective of this handbook to enable a better efficiency in energy use of the designed installations and provide some guidelines in other areas not included in the lighting code especially regarding maintenance and operational aspects for facilities management.