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During this exhibition in BRUSSELS held between 18 and 20 October 2013 and attended by all Belgian energy players in the VILLAGE CONDOMINIUM , symposia focused on the governance of condominiums in the world, including face the problem of energy renovation condominium.

Belgian stakeholders , French and Quebec ( who came in number) presented their regard to their laws on condominiums are alike but sometimes differ as to the powers of the trustees , managers and union councils ( condominium boards solutions in Belgium and boards in Quebec).

The passage of the Quebec delegation in Brussels  also permited a visit to the Professional Institute of Real Estate , a body under the authority of the Minister and oversees the real estate agent and trustee buildings in Belgium profession.

France was represented by Olivier BRANE , Honorary Lawyer , specializing in condominium law , which exposed the particular solutions advocated by the Association PLANETE COPROPRIETE , of which he is the Managing Director to the European institutions and implemented since its inception in 2009 a better and more effective governance of condominiums.

It brings together different actors in French ownership : managers , project managers , surveyors , companies, finance experts work , public actors of the energy renovation and has been a specialist in the study of Association elevations : PLANETE SURELEVATION who asked and obtained from the French Ministry of Environment that is abandoned the unanimity condominium on the top floor , which was adopted by the Senate.

PLANETE COPROPRIETE also gave an information booth on improving the operating rules of the condominium renovation and energy .

It was a first for the organization that moved outside of France.

Mr Michel VASSILIADES , joint property in PARIS , legal expert expressed his own experience.

He has published a notice last year on comparative law section of the condominium France - Belgium.

Include among the many speakers Me Corinne Mostin - specializing in Condominium lawyer and author of many books , Mr. Olivier JAUNIAUX Lecturer and Françoise LOOZEN assistant at the Catholic University of Louvain , Mr. Olivier HAMAL , author of the amending Act of 2010 and Vice President of the National Union of Co-owners , Me and Me ALLARD CLIPPELLE Notaries respectively MONTREAL and BRUSSELS ...

Mr Jean Pierre Lannoy , property manager at Brussels, legal expert , managing partner of BMC TOOLS bvba, organizer of the event , launched the idea of ​​" BESTCONDOMINIUMS " defined as follows :

• A building well constructed and adapted to this assignment. Therefore finite random divisions. Inaccessible roofs, electric meters in units, kitchens cellars assigned to bedrooms .. A building designed to be able to generate additional services without increasing the cost of expenses .. Common gardens inviting to the organization of multiple activities , summer concerts , systems centralization of applications as diverse as multiple between several neighboring condominiums. ..

• A building operating from a process including the co-owners , recognized, consistent with accurate analysis about the constructive statement showing the work to develop there , reserve funds calculated from the birth of the building and specific financial budgets. Therefore finished unpleasant surprises new buyers or cost increases resulting from aging facilities .

• A property in which to live or owners have fully understood the importance of living in condominium and its requirements and thus respecting not only the internal regulations but also their obligations to the common. Enhancing the participatory aspect to improve the viability of the social fabric. All under the watchful eye of true management professionals trained for this purpose and developing specific skills to make useful decisions , guide owners and thus become guarantor that perfect balance ..

Quebec , represented by Yves Joli-Coeur, Emeritus Lawyer at the Bar of Montreal , specializing in condominium law has exposed how the Quebec legislation was moving towards a more professional condominium managers in order that trustees also become "exemplary" .

Yves JOLI-COEUR and Me BRANE are co- author of " condominiums DIFFICULTIES IN : Findings and Quebec / France solutions " rallied to the idea of ​​setting up with Jean Pierre Lannoy , the foundations of a " OBSERVATORY OF BEST CONDOMINIUMS " and especially to promote through three countries to ensure their multiplication .

A catalog of " success story " of the condominiums .

In addition, this initiative has the goal of studying in legislation FRANCE BELGIUM QUEBEC how best governance of condominiums and make joint proposals providing that there are better in every legislation to identify intangible criteria a sort of checklist for best condominiums virtuous .

As for the attention of trustees, owners and all ( federal and European regional ) both public and private stakeholders ( community associations industry , professions ) , the Observatory aims first to examine all aspects of the Condominium including those of course related to sustainable development.

A further meeting of the Observatory should be held in spring 2014 in MONTREAL .

The rights of the French , Belgian and Quebec condominiums are apparently the best systems combining direct democracy by the decisions of general meeting and " semi presidential" governance by union councils or their equivalent , trustees retaining managers , at different levels , their reference place as professionals in property management , training and ethical manner constituting a determining factor.

French law ALUR in its provisions relating to the condominium contains new thinking that will be or not included in the proposals of the three lawyers creators of this Observatory which have no equivalent in the world.                       



(Brussels, Paris , Montreal ) PARIS Contact : Mr. Olivier BRANE , ecocopro.com (cell : O613607146 )