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The 2016 Commission’s winter package - What is the investment plan?

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The European Commission complements the measures it is taking to reach its 2030 targets with the “Smart Finance for Smart Buildings” investment initiative. It aims to encourage a more effective use of public funds, help project developers bring good project ideas to maturity, and make the energy efficiency market more trusted and attractive for all stakeholders.


Smart Finance for Smart Buildings builds upon the Investment Plan for Europe including the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) and the European Structural and Investment Funds. It can unlock an additional EUR 10 billion of public and private funds for energy efficiency and renewables by 2010.


The initiative builds on three pillars:


  • Pillar I. More effective use of public funding.
  • Pillar II. Aggregation and assistance with project development.
  • Pillar III. De-risking.

To find out more please read the memo on the New Energy Efficiency Measures and Annex I of the Winter Package.