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UHI Project - Decision Support System (DSS)

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Decision Support System (DSS) is a software developed within the context of the UHI (Urban Heat Island) project, implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It is a simplified database management tool that can be used by an end user interested in the implementation of mitigation measures for counteracting the urban heat island phenomenon. The tool allows the use of the project deliverables uploaded on the web with a user-friendly approach. The DDS interacts with the external user via a graphical user interface: requires the entry of certain inputs and returns the required output in the form of a text document.


By clicking on the different menu items the user can simulate the approach to his pilot study based on the data collected within the UHI Project. It has five menus:


I. Location: an interactive map of Central Europe allows the end user to select the region of interest


II. Scale of Intervention: the user can choose between two options: building or urban


III. Typology of intervention


Sub-Menu A


  • Existing structure
  • New construction

Sub-Menu B


  • Facades
  • Roofs
  • Surface lots
  • Urban structure
  • Urban green

IV. Economic assessment: the user can choose the preferred action to undertake from the list


  • Cool roofs
  • Green roofs
  • Green facades
  • Facade surface and construction selection/retrofit
  • Geometry of Urban Canyon
  • Cool pavements
  • Pervious pavements
  • Planting trees within the urban canyon
  • Park, green areas

V. Skills, where the user can choose the skill of interest


  • Meteoclimatology
  • Biometeoclimatology
  • Urban planning
  • Health
  • Municipality
  • Innovation
  • Engineering
  • Building skill
  • Environment
  • Communication

Finally, the choices are collected and reported in a final html page as a report.


DSS is assisted by a consultation tool which allows the end user to select his/her specific interest, saving valuable time in this way.


In order to use the tool,please click on the link provided below.

Tool Logo