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Guidebooks on how to reduce the energy consumption of houses available by German energy agency

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The German energy agency "dena" has published several guidebooks on how to reduce the energy consumption of houses targeted towards building owners and tenants. They include tips for decreasing the costs for heating and domestic hot water and how to use renewable energies in new and existing buildings. The information packages contain besides practical information also service and demonstration material. The guidebooks state that tenants can reduce their energy costs by more than 200 Euros with correct heating and ventilation. In existing buildings holistic retrofits can decrease the energy consumption by up to 85 percent.
The different information packages are:
  •  info package for tenants: cost-efficient measures such as simple insulation measures at pipes and behind radiators, correct heating and ventilation, energy saving at lights and household appliances
  • renovation info package: where to start, which technologies to apply, how to find experts. Items range from heating system exchange to use of solar energy, insulation of walls and roof and new windows.
  • info package on renewable energy: for building owners that want to heat with wood, solar or ambient heat
  • info package for new buildings: how to use the chance of building future-proof energy efficient buildings. Technical, economical and legal requirements are explained.
All brochures are available in German at click here for 5-10 Euros each.