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IEA Clean Energy Transitions Summit - Online

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Decisions taken today to recover from the current global health and economic shock resulting from Covid-19 will have lasting impacts. For this reason, the IEA has called on governments to put clean energy at the heart of their economic recovery packages in order to achieve a sustainable recovery from the crisis created by Covid-19. Out of the tragedy brought by the pandemic, governments have a historic opportunity to accelerate transitions towards clean, resilient and inclusive energy systems as drivers of economic development. 


In pursuit of this goal, the IEA Clean Energy Transitions Summit will build momentum behind the development and implementation of policies that can help countries create jobs, put greenhouse gas emissions into a structural decline and increase energy sector resilience. It will bring together ‘a grand coalition’ of ministers, top energy CEOs, major investors and other key leaders from the public and private sectors from around the world. 


The high-level virtual dialogue will review both near-term actions for sustainable recovery and government action to accelerate clean energy technology innovation for reaching long-term decarbonisation plans. Discussions will be informed by the IEA's World Energy Outlook Sustainable Recovery report and the Energy Technology Perspectives Special Report on Clean Energy Technology Innovation.


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