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Interactive Case Study Dashboard

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Credits: H2020 CRAVEzero

The dashboard allows to navigate throughout the results of the multi-objective building life cycle cost and performance analysis of the CRAVEzero case studies. In particular, there are information for office buildings (ValaGard, Aspern), multi family residential buildings (Isola Nel Verde, Solallén, Alizari, Les Heliades, Greenhome, ) and single-family residential buildings (MORE). The idea of this interactive dash-board is to allow users of the pinboard to dig into the data and discover insights and look for optimal solutions that can also be applied for their nZEB developments. The web-report is highly interactive and highly customizable, and the visualisations update as the underlying data changes. Buttons at the bottom of a report can be used to navigate between pages.


Within the dashboard are stored the parametric calculations for high performing nearly zero energy buildings grouped according to different performance indicators: financing costs, life cycle costs, balanced primary energy demand and balanced CO2 emissions. The navigation throughout the results is organised in the following steps:

Step 1: Selection of the case study to be displayed

Step 2: Parameter Overview: there is the possibility to select the combination of different design parameters dealing with: envelope quality, ventilation, heating system, cooling system, solar thermal, photovoltaic installed, electric battery, CO2 follow-up cost and user behaviour.

Step 3: Filtering the results. In order to narrow the dataset, it is possible to select the preferred ranges in terms of: financing cost, CO2 demand, primary energy demand, Life Cycle Cost. Multiple filters can be selected to narrow down the dataset.


In addition, there is the possibility to visualise, in the sections “Energy” and “Costs”, the performance benchmarks as evaluated for the selected building through the parametric analysis, as a reference for the design of a new nZEB.

Finally, the data can be exported out of the visual via the Export data option. The resulting .csv file will contain all the data presented in a visual and will respect any filters applied to the data.


The dashboard is freely available on the CRAVEzero website, with the support of a user tutorial.