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Achieving near Zero and Positive Energy Settlements using Advanced Energy Technology

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The ZERO-PLUS project has constructed four residential settlements using Advanced Energy Technology that will achieve near zero and positive energy.

The settlements are located in Cyprus, France, Italy and the UK and consist of different typologies of residential buildings. They are now occupied and a monitoring phase is ongoing to collect data on their energy and environmental performances and verify the ZERO-PLUS solutions.


Funded under the H2020 Energy Efficiency programme, the solutions implemented in the four pilot sites will demonstrate a primary energy demand of under 20 kWh/m2/annum and renewable energy production of over 50 kWh/m2/annum, while achieving cost reductions of 16% compared to new standard residential nearly-zero energy buildings (NZEB).


ZERO-PLUS is a collaborative approach to the design and construction of residential settlements, involving technology providers, energy efficiency, and renewable energy experts and developers who work together from the earliest stages of design. The goal is to provide the market with an innovative, yet readily implementable system for Net Zero Energy (NZE) settlements  that will significantly reduce their costs. 


The project has published all details on the four pilot settlements in a publication, which can be found here.


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