Czech Republic

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New analysis by the Coalition for Energy Savings of national reports on the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) reveals that central governments have not shown leadership in ending the waste of energy in their own buildings. 
Post date: 22 Kvě 2015
Type: Novinky

On 24-25 March 2015, Energy Cities together with the Slovak Union of Towns and Cities, and its interest association CITENERGO co-organised in Bratislava, Slovakia, a workshop on innovative financing and multi-level governance. Front-running Slovak and Czech cities and regions engaged in the energy transition shared information on their sustainable energy investments, local financing schemes and partnerships with financing institutions, national authorities and the private sector. 
Post date: 6 Kvě 2015
Type: Novinky

Individual EU Member States are to follow distinctive paths in meeting their obligations under the Renewable Energy Directive (including their legally binding 2020 targets) in accordance with their different available resources and their own unique energy markets. Their national renewable energy (RES) action plans map out these distinctive paths, covering:
Post date: 3 Kvě 2015
Type: Odkaz

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Czech Republic will get easier access to risk capital, thanks to the new EU-backed loan guarantee facilities under Horizon 2020, the European Union's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Two deals signed in late March 2015 by the European Investment Fund (EIF) with Komerční banka and Česká spořitelna will allow the two Czech banks to enter into new loan agreements with SMEs and Small Mid-caps for a total of CZK 6950 million (over €250 million) over the next two years. 
Post date: 30 Dub 2015
Type: Novinky

On 20 March 2015, Green Building Councils across Europe launched BUILD UPON, an innovative two year project, aimed at helping European countries design and implement strong, long-term national strategies for the renovation of their existing buildings.  
Post date: 23 Dub 2015
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On 13 April 2015 step 1 of the first call for proposals of the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme closed. 620 light applications have been received.  Up to 80 million Euros of co-financing are available for public and private organisations that want to cooperate beyond borders on innovation, low-carbon strategies, natural and cultural resources or transport through this Programme. The co-financing rates available are up to 85 percent depending on the country of origin of applicants. 
Post date: 16 Dub 2015
Type: Novinky

Article 2 of the EPBD recast defines a nearly zero-energy building as “a building that has a very high energy performance, as determined in accordance with Annex I [of the Directive]. The nearly zero or very low amount of energy required should be covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources, including energy from renewable sources produced on-site or nearby”.
Post date: 10 Bře 2015
Type: Publication

FEDARENE is pleased to announce the launch of the 1st edition of the Roger Léron Award. The purpose of this Award is to acknowledge persistency and a proactive approach, bringing a successful contribution to sustainable energy at the regional and / or local level in Europe. 
Post date: 9 Bře 2015
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Final deadline to apply for the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards has been extended to 16 March 2015.  The Sustainable Energy Europe Awards are the EU reference prize for sustainable energy projects in Europe.
Post date: 3 Bře 2015
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