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Decision Support System (DSS) is a software developed within the context of the UHI (Urban Heat Island) project, implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It is a simplified database management tool that can be used by an end user interested in the implementation of mitigation measures for counteracting the urban heat island phenomenon.
Post date: 8 Pro 2017
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One Click LCA is the highest rated Life-Cycle Assessment software for BREEAM, with a 100% Mat 01 rating, which means our users can achieve maximal LCA credits easily. We also provide modules for Life-Cycle Costing, Infrastructure, and Ecodesign, and we are compliant with more than 20 certification schemes, including  LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, Energie Carbone, HQE, and many more.  
Post date: 29 Zář 2017
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"Přechod na nízkouhlíkovou energii? Společně je možné" Tato dvoudenní akce, která se uskuteční ve dnech 19. a 20. října 2017 v pražské České republice, dává účastníkům energetiky z vlád, výzkumu, nevládních organizací a podniků z více než 10 zemí střední a východní Evropy příležitost spolupracovat na udržitelnosti.
Post date: 11 Zář 2017
Type: Event

The Interreg Europe FINERPOL project (Financial Instruments for Energy Renovation Policies) aims at supporting energy renovation of buildings with new policy and financial instruments using regional and national Structural Funds integrated with other funding such as EFSI (Juncker Plan 06/2015), European Investment Bank (EIB) tools (ELENA, Margarite Funds) or public-private partnerships.   For more information visit the project's website at the link provided below.   Project duration: 2016-04-01 to 2020-03-31
Post date: 14 Srp 2017
Type: Odkaz

Postavljanje kvalifikacije i stalno Obrazovanje i sustav usavršavanje za stručnjake srednje i najviše razine u području energetske učinkovitosti i korištenja obnovljivih izvora energije u zgradama    
Post date: 11 Srp 2017
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The new Horizon 2020 FIT-TO-NZEB project develops innovative training schemes for deep energy retrofit in Eastern and Southern Europe    
Post date: 25 Črv 2017
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On 2 March 2017, the Train-to-NZEB project presented  ‘The way to nearly zero energy buildings’, the first dedicated NZEB-related conference in the Czech Republic, held to mark the occasion of opening the CZ Building Knowledge Hub. The conference was combined with an exhibition of efficient technical solutions and materials (awarded by quality mark Product - technology 2017). It was held at the premises of the Architecture and Building Foundation (ABF).
Post date: 6 Črv 2017
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by Peter Wouters (INIVE eeig), Malcolm Orme (IEA-EBC)  
Post date: 4 Črv 2017
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One of the key decisions taken by the European Commission regarding the Energy policy in the June infringement package in a letter of formal notice and a reasoned opinion:
Post date: 14 Čer 2017
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Branch organizations, vocational training centres and material and component manufacturers are invited to use for free the newly established lab and its equipment for training courses on energy efficiency in buildings  
Post date: 29 Kvě 2017
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