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  By joining the scheme, the two banks will adopt standards which are currently being tested as part of an EU-backed pilot programme involving banks and financial institutions representing a combined lending power of over €3 trillion, equal to around 20% of the EU’s GDP. The pilot scheme aims at trialling new criteria for energy efficiency mortgages for homebuyers. The proposed standards will provide lenders with the critical information they need to understand how energy use and efficiency improvements impact on mortgage risks.
Post date: 24 Zář 2018
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This is the ninth issue of the ZERO-PLUS (Achieving near Zero and Positive Energy Settlements in Europe using Advanced Energy Technology) research project newsletter.   Contents include:
Post date: 20 Zář 2018
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  Looking at a city’s Google Maps data, in combination with other data, a new tool from Google can estimate the carbon footprint of all of its buildings–and the carbon footprint of all the car trips, bus and subway rides, and other transportation used by the people living there.
Post date: 18 Zář 2018
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The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) launched The Carbon-Free Regions Handbook: An Action Guide for States, Provinces, and Regional Governments in collaboration with The Climate Group, as secretariat to the Under2 Coalition. Designed to place states and regions on an actionable path towards low-carbon economies, the handbook includes significant contributions from the Under2 Coalition and features many of the successful policies being implemented by the governments in the coalition.
Post date: 17 Zář 2018
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International Congress and Exhibition SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE – ENERGY EFFICIENCY will be held for the second time in Belgrade, Serbia. 10 lecturers, eminent architects and experts from around the world, Europe and the region, leading authorities in this area, along with representative exhibition of their works, as well as the competition, an exhibition of selected works and workshops for young architects will answer the question: WHY HAVE SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY BECOME SO IMPORTANT IN THE WORLD?
Post date: 12 Zář 2018
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CEI Expert Conference "Energy Efficiency in buildings - for a better tomorrow" ! Save the Date!
Post date: 11 Zář 2018
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The 5. Fachsymposium Brennpunkt Alpines Bauen is dedicated to the topic low tech. Highly efficient buildings are possible by simple, but durable, sustainable and locally available building components to satisfy the needs of users. The day after the symposium there will be a guided tour to Salzburg to visit completed projects. For more info and registration please visit the website
Post date: 6 Zář 2018
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The main objective of BuildUp Web portal is to reap the benefits of Europe's collective intelligence on energy reduction in buildings for all relevant audiences, bringing together new practitioners and professional associations, motivating them to exchange best working practices and knowledge and to transfer tools and resources.  
Post date: 5 Zář 2018
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This Webinar, organised by Eurac research and in collaboration with the BUILD UP team, is focused on teaching you all about deep renovation and prefabricated solutions and the H2020 project 4RinEU.  
Post date: 4 Zář 2018
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The STUNNING Renovation Hub, a virtual platform for the interactive knowledge exchange in energy-efficient building renovation, was launched by the EU-funded, Horizon 2020 project STUNNING in September 2018. It enables stakeholders throughout the value chain to share knowledge and experiences with each other through articles on their innovative refurbishment packages, replicable business models and case studies on their successful implementation.
Post date: 27 Srp 2018
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