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Mini-grids are complex systems dependent on different suppliers and used in different applications, often with high regulatory uncertainty over their installation and operation. Creating a viable market for renewable-based mini-grids, with prospects of growth and long-term profitability for investors, depends on establishing trustworthy quality infrastructure (QI) for the technologies and systems involved.  
Post date: 30 Bře 2021
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A magyarországi ingatlanok tulajdonosainak 84 százaléka véli úgy, hogy otthona energiahatékonysági szempontból felújításra szorul - derül ki a Fundamenta-Lakáskassza Zrt. és az NRC piackutató legfrissebb, reprezentatív kutatásából.   A Fundamenta kutatás eredményei alapján az energiahatékonysági beruházások között kiemelt helyen szerepelnek a napenergia felhasználásával kapcsolatos beruházások, illetve az ezzel kapcsolatos igények.  
Post date: 18 Úno 2021
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Insights in EU and the legislation framework of each participating country, support schemes, tools and guidelines.   The documents give information about PV market trends and costs, including installed capacity trends, price trends for modules and installation and PV technology and its efficiency trends, both globally and in each country.
Post date: 22 Pro 2020
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Many new largely solar-heated houses in Germany are multi-family buildings, and their number is growing, according to Sonnenhaus-Institut (Solar House Institute), an alliance of about 300 architects, planners, building companies and system integrators that specialise in the design or construction of houses where sunlight provides at least 50 % of the heat and, in some cases, electricity a year.  
Post date: 24 Lis 2020
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What is SWC50 - The Century of Solar ?   In 1970 solar research pioneers met at the first International Solar Energy Society (ISES) Conference in Melbourne Australia. ISES is commemorating this Conference with a special 50th Anniversary Virtual Conference and Display called the Solar World Congress at 50 (SWC50).   During these past 50 years solar energy has grown from being emerging technologies to a vibrant industry.
Post date: 18 Lis 2020
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24-26 November 2020, Online    As health and safety of our attendees and partners is our top priority, Solar Quality 2020 will be held online on 24-26 November.   
Post date: 23 Zář 2020
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The report, drafted by members of the parliamentary Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, aims to help achieve a climate-neutral building stock by 2050. The call for buildings renovation and rooftop solar energy expansion supports the Renovation Wave initiative, which the European Commission is due to present on October 14.  
Post date: 22 Zář 2020
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ince September 2017, consumer organizations in 6 European countries have guided consumers through all the stages leading to the purchase of domestic renewable and efficient energy technologies. To facilitate the consumer journey, the project launched group purchases, which lowered the costs of the equipment and guaranteed a fair deal for consumers.
Post date: 21 Zář 2020
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The International Conference on Solar Energy for Buildings and Industry is the leading professional forum for Researchers, Developers, Investors and students in the field of renewable energy industry and more specifically to Solar Energy appliances and innovations.  
Post date: 19 Srp 2020
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The Second Edition of the International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy (IAPE’20)   Cambridge, United Kingdom from 15-16 September 2020  
Post date: 29 Čer 2020
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