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  In a first step, the DGNB criteria for new buildings will be adapted to local peculiarities in Spain and tested in a pilot phase.   This adaptation should be completed by mid-2020. Other forms of certification of the DGNB, for example in the field of renovation, for buildings in use or for urban districts, will be available in Spain in the future as well.  
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Building Simulation is the premier international event in the field of building performance simulation. An exceptional opportunity to share information about simulation tools and applications, present and get updates about recent achievements and new developments in the research, illustrate case studies and share best practices, join special programs for students and practitioners, network during session and social programs.  
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Energy efficiency is "an energy source in its own right". By 2030 more energy will be saved than the amount of oil-based energy then, thus energy efficiency is expected to actually become the “first fuel”.  
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The growth of global urban population drives unprecedented construction, resulting in embodied carbon emissions from new buildings alone to excess of 100 gigatons by 2060. If all construction activity, including infrastructure and renovations, are included, the global construction activity carbon until 2060 is set to exceed 230 gigatons, unless carbon intensity is drastically cut.  
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Type: Publication   This project was contracted by Viladecans municipality based on the results of a previous study of the capacity of Deep renovation of three schools contracted previously by Area Metropolitana de Barcelona.  
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The World Green Building Council's report Doing Right by Planet and People: The Business Case for Health and Wellbeing in Green Building urges companies to make green improvements by highlighting the tangible economic benefits of green building and showcasing improved occupant satisfaction when companies implement new health, wellbeing and productivity features in existing green structures.
Post date: 29 Srp 2018
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There are currently hundreds of sustainability certifications for the built environment and the number is set to rise as the focus on certifying buildings continues to increase. This book provides a global overview of sustainable building certifications and an in-depth description, analysis and comparison of ten certification schemes based on their focus and strategic relevance to stakeholders in the built environment.
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The alpine-wide contest “ClimaHost – Climate protection and energy efficiency in hotel and restaurants” was launched on 7 June by the German Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Svenja Schulze, the Austrian Federal Minister for Sustainability and Tourism Elisabeth Köstinger and the Secretary General Markus Reiterer.
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by Marine Faber (BPIE)  
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LEED, ili vodstvo u energetskom i okolišnom dizajnu, nacionalni je certifikacijski sustav razvijen od strane US Green Building Council (USGBC) kako bi potaknuo izgradnju energetskih i resursa učinkovitih zgrada koje su zdrave za život. LEED je najčešće korišten sustav zelene gradnje u svijetu. Dostupan za praktički sve vrste gradnje, zajednice i kuće, pruža okvir za stvaranje zdravih, visoko učinkovitih i uštednih zelenih zgrada. LEED certifikacija je globalno priznat simbol uspjeha održivosti.
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