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iBRoad Report "Quantifying home renovation"

This iBRoad output provides a default database supporting a generic techno-economic assessment of renovation measures.   The default database consists of a list of possible renovation measures (building envelope and HVAC system) and their costs.  ...

The iBRoad field test experience

The iBRoad tools, consisting of the individual Building Renovation Roadmap and Logbook, were field-tested in Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal during the period March to May 2019.   Additionally, the iBRoad Logbook was field-tested in Germany. Prior to...

iBRoad Stakeholders mapping

Stakeholders mapping is the first and the most important step to identify the most appropriate and valuable stakeholders, how they can contribute to the project development and how they can benefit from the results of the iBRoad.   Stakeholder...

Database structure and programming core of the iBRoad roadmap and logbook

The iBRoad tool consist of two components: the Roadmap Assistant and the Logbook, both of which are implemented as web applications.   The data structure for the Roadmap Assistant can be considered to be “standard”: the data fields it needs to store...

The iBRoad tools structure

The iBRoad project intends to explore, design, develop and demonstrate the concept of individual building renovation roadmaps, outlining a deep step-by-step renovation plan with customised recommendations for individual buildings (the Renovation...

National adaptation of the iBRoad concept in five countries

The report considers the national adaptation of the iBRoad concept in Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Flanders and Germany, by analysing specific country...

How can Member States implement iBRoad?

Barriers and drivers for countries willing to explore the feasibility and replicability of iBRoad.   The Report "How can Member States implement iBRoad" aims to explore the barriers to and enablers of the design and implementation...

iBRoad Report "Stepwise and structured"

Surrounding policy instruments to support the iBRoad approach for building renovation take-off.   The Report “Stepwise and structured” investigates how surrounding policy instruments can be used to increase the dissemination,...

The ePANACEA project website is now live!

ePANACEA is a project funded under the EU's Horizon 2020 programme, aimed at developing generation energy performance assessment and certification for buildings. The vision is for ePANACEA to become a relevant instrument in the European energy...

ePANACEA HORIZON 2020 project

ePANACEA is a project funded under the EU's Horizon 2020 programme, aimed at developing a holistic methodology for energy performance assessment and certification of buildings. The vision is ePANACEA becoming a relevant instrument in the European...