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Achieving energy efficiency in housing - The way forward - A needs analysis of European social, cooperative and public housing organizations


Funding opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energies in buildings: Intelligent Energy - Europe Call 2010


Campaigning for the future: different approaches, unexpected results

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), as part of European policy to stimulate energy efficiency in housing, offers vast energy saving potential. However, presently the awareness amongst actors in the housing sector, in particular...

POWER HOUSE EUROPE makes it's mark......

March 2010: A wealth of information, guidance and tools for energy efficient social housing is opened up: www.powerhouseeurope.eu

National Platforms for co-operative and managed housing operators offer access to information and tools

  Why not see what the POWER HOUSE EUROPE National Platforms can do for you?    http://www.cecodhas.org/images/stories/campaigns/Energy/booklet%20-%20power%20house%20europe.pdf  

Passive Houses in Mediterranean Climates

This is a very interestinmg article. I'd be very interested to hear how this study compares to the outcomes of earlier studies and to learn about built examples in Southern European countries: http://www.passivhaustagung.de/Passive_House_E/...

Promoting low energy buildings in Central and Eastern Europe

http://www.intense-energy.eu/uploads/tx_triedownloads/INTENSE_WP3_D3_1.pdf This document explores the concept of today's best practice being tomorrow's norm. Info on experiences and lessons learned in Western Europe is analysed and presented with...

Handbook for performing feasibility studies of alternative energy systems

Nationally tailored versions are available in Danish (DK), Dutch (NL), French (FR), Lithuanian (LI), Polish (PL), Slovenian (SI) and Swedish (SE) from: www.sentro.eu

Campagne Display® - Enquête sur l'état des lieux de l'affichage des performances énergétiques des bâtiments publics en France


Air-conditioning inspections: Time needed and potential energy savings