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Peter Wouters

General Manager, INIVE EEIG (Non-profit)

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There is growing evidence that current legislation is not achieving the expected reductions in the actual energy use of buildings and, if anything, can have significant unintended consequences. Large portfolio holders, in particular, are taking...

COMNET - Commercial Energy Services Network


Quality in relation to indoor climate and energy efficiency - An analysis of trends, achievements and remaining challenges

Since the oil crisis of the seventies, the interest given to buildings physics, indoor climate and energy use has strongly increased. The building envelope and HVAC systems in modern buildings are often completely different from those typically...

REHVA Journal - January 2013 issue

There are a series of airtightness related articles in this special issue: Building and ductwork airtightness – a critical factor for nearly zero energy buildingsSummary of the AIVC-...

Contributions of IEA Implementing Agreements towards achieving 2020 objectives

Array Implementing Agreement Day of BelgiumTowards achieving the 2020 energy-efficient building(s) objectives:The contribution of the IEA implementing agreementsThe Third Implementing Agreement Day of Belgium has a particular focus...

IEA ECES Annex 20 - Sustainable Cooling with Thermal Energy Storage - Final Report

Renewable and natural energy sources, main components of sustainable energy systems, can only be made continuously available to users through thermal energy storage (TES). In addition to heating TES provides several flexible alternatives for cooling...

IEA 4E Electric Motor Systems Annex

Great potential for enhancing Motor Systems efficiencyMajor measures for improvement include:Proper motor and equipment sizing according to the required task and load.Improvement of efficiency of driven component (pump, fan,...

11th International Vacuum Insulation Symposium IVIS 2013 - 2nd announcement and call for papers


IEA ECBCS Newsletters


IEA PVPS (Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme) Annual report 2011