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UK company offers free solar panels to homes with south-facing roofs in return for receiving the Government’s feed-in-tariff.

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HomeSun, a UK company, is looking for 100,000 homes to install solar panels for free over the next 3 years, 2000 of which will be in the next 12 months. Lucky homeowners could reduce their electricity bill by a third* whilst also increasing the value of their home and reducing their carbon footprint. If homeowners don’t qualify for a free solar installation, they might still be eligible for SolarShare from HomeSun. With this, an £11k+ solar PV system is installed, guaranteed and maintained for 25 years at a one-off fee of £500, plus a £5 per month for SolarCare.
The way it works is simple.  Since April, electricity companies have had to pay, by law, for solar electricity produced by homes. This is part of Government’s programme to reduce UK carbon emissions – an enormous 27% of which come from homes.

With the Feed-In Tariffs over 25 years a homeowner could earn 5-8% return on their investment in solar power – but the problem is that they still have to find the £ 11 k+ for the initial installation and wait for approximately 10 years to break-even.

HomeSun is changing all of that with backing of £ 20 m and a completely new business model.

Instead of the homeowner paying the £ 11 k+, HomeSun makes the investment and installs the system. The homeowner gets the instant benefit of free energy from the sun; whilst HomeSun receives the Feed-in Tariffs.

HomeSun’s offering includes an exclusive relationship with leading green services supplier, Eaga.  Eaga will install and maintain the solar PV systems. Both companies share a commitment to innovation, expertise and first class customer service.  

Daniel Green, CEO at HomeSun, said: “Solar power is natural, free and clean – and it’s the price which has slowed widespread take-up. We are changing that - today is the beginning of a new era as HomeSun takes solar power out into the mainstream. As oil becomes the new tobacco, more and more people are looking for a clean & renewable solution – but it has to be a head and heart decision. Finally, with HomeSun, solar makes sense both financially and environmentally.”

Mr Arnold Mayfield, from Petersfield, was one of the first people to have solar PV panels installed by HomeSun in July 2010: “I didn’t consider myself particularly green, and I would never have considered installing solar panels on my home previously as I could not afford the high upfront installation fee. But now that the installation can be done at low or no cost I thought why not? I’m amazed at how much money I’ll be saving on my electricity bills – it really is a win-win situation.”

To find whether you qualify for free installation contact a HomeSun consultant on 0844 770 9922 or visit

*One third off electricity bills is based on a ‘medium’ user as published in Consumer Focus rankings (based on Ofgem), with a 2.5 kWp system, using 50% of the electricity produced by the home, in the home