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Online Energy Check for home builders (including online renovation)

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In a well insulated house, low heating costs and a cuddly warm home need not be a contradiction. Would attic insulation pay off for your house? How much would installing new windows reduce your heating costs? Let the Energy Check including online renovation show you – quickly and for free – whether you are using too much energy for heating and hot water and how you can save real money.
This is how it works: Model your home step by step on the computer (takes about five minutes). The Energy Check computes your energy consumption and your energy index in relation to the Austrian average (= benchmark for the Energy Performance Certificate). You can conduct various renovation measures online. The Energy Check computes the result and helps you to select the best measures. An automatically generated list of renovation measures prepares you for starting your real renovation.Please note: The tool is also available in German and Czech. Further translations are being planned.


Is there a future possibility to check online also in Finland? I made this energy check, but our national insulation thicknesses start from dimensions, which are max. on the software.

Year 2010 Our min. insulation thickness on the roof 300-500mm depending on material.

On the wall 250-400mm.

On the floor 150- 200mm.

Windows min. u-value 1.0.

Our average energy consumption 150kWh/ m2 and on low energy house less than 120 kWh/m2.