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Heat Pumping Technologies Magazine Vol.35 No 1/2017

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Special Applications and New Markets in the new issue of the HPT Magazine

Heat Pumping Technologies in Special Applications and New Markets: vol.35 No 1/2017



Special Applications and New Markets in the new issue of the HPT Magazine


This latest issue of the Heat Pumping Technologies  (HTP) Magazine has Special Applications and New Markets as the topical theme. The applications range from innovative ways to use heat pumping technologies in commercial buildings, to their use in common household appliances.


After the Foreword’s overview of these applications, Topical articles in this issue provide examples of the use of heat pumps in a public swimming pool building and in dishwashers. Connecting back to recent issue topics, there is one article on flammable refrigerants and one on Smart Grids. There is also a summary of the recent ASHRAE winter meeting.


In this issue, the accomplishments of the HPT TCP (Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies) are highlighted. The Column provides the broad picture, and the Annex presentations give more details. Finally, the programme of the upcoming HP Conference, in Rotterdam in May, is presented in some detail. With more than 400 participants and a host of renowned speakers, interesting presentations, and informal networking, this will be an event that will be long remembered!


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