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Datalogger Essentials for Energy Management

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Webinar: What is a datalogger?


Energy mangaement starts and ends with data, but when it comes to actually gathering that data in the first place, things can get confusing.  With many devices on the market and a myriad of protocols for connection, it is easy for metering to get messy.
Dataloggers, also known as gateways, are the key piece to solving this puzzle.  Without dataloggers, it is nearly impossible to leverage the energy data you are generating.  To increase your knowledge about energy metering this free online training is available next 27 April at 16 h (CET).


Webinar information:

-Learn what the concept datalogger means and what it could do regarding saving time and money in energy metering
-Use a real datalogger, DEXGate2, to review set up possibilites, connection best practices, etc.


The session is free but spots are limited - please book today by registering here.

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