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UIPI survey: European Property Owners' readiness and capacity to renovate

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Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

UIPI conducted an online survey to assess European property owners’ capacity and willingness to renovate their homes. By approaching how the sector and households are adapting and making their properties more climate friendly, and how the Covid-19 has affected their objectives, we can now draw a more accurate picture of where property owners stand regarding renovation.


European property owners showed a strong willingness to renovate in this survey: 77% of respondents think it is beneficial to make their properties more energy-efficient and sustainable. Also, more than half of them see both economic and environmental benefits in doing so, which shows that these goals are compatible and can be achieved in parallel.


Despite this determination, property owners find many barriers to take action. From the respondents that were not planning any renovation works before the pandemic, the economic barrier is one of the major obstructions: 31% of respondents who decided not to renovate are willing to do so but they do not have the necessary funds.


As a consequence of the economic burden retrofitting brings to European families and landlords, 30% of the respondents who did not plan renovations stated that having financing schemes in place would help them change their minds and 54% of respondents ask for subsidies and grants that help them renovate their properties. They would also appreciate tax incentives and loans, although in a smaller percentage. This allows us to conclude that a greater attention to the real capacity of homeowners to renovate and the implementation of adapted measures that can enable them to undertake this challenge are needed.


Having professional and technical advice and simplified user-oriented solutions like One-Stop-Shops (OSS) would be appreciated by a significative percentage of respondents. But only 28% of those who decided not to renovate stated that having OSSs would help them change their minds. Given the popularity of OSSs by those who are serviced and considering the comments received along this question, we believe that this relatively low percentage might be due to lack of awareness and understanding about this type of service rather than to a lack of interest in it.


Further work remains to be done also to promote a broader implementation of OSSs closer to citizens, as these services can be a tool to inform, help and support property owners though their renovation journeys and can be seen as a solution to address the challenges and difficulties of renovation and to overcome the barrier of unawareness about the topic among property owners.


Read more about it here. Final report is attached.

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