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Raising the efficiency of new heating systems (BOILeff)

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Installed boilers do not operate as efficient as they could. Whilst test cases demonstrate that boilers could achieve very high efficiencies, their practical performance in the field is much lower due to serious shortcomings in real installations. Starting from this observation, two new market approaches were developed and evaluated by a field test. The first market approach is called 'Quality Declaration'. The declaration provides a checklist of quality criteria for outstanding boiler installations. It will be issued by installers and should form part of contracts with end consumers. The second approach is referred to as 'Performance Guarantee'. It centres on guarantees of high seasonal efficiencies and energy savings of new heating systems. These new services will raise the awareness of the end-user in order to differ between high and low quality heating installations, creating WIN/WIN/WIN situations for the installers by higher turnover rates, for end-consumers by lower energy consumptions in the long run and for the society by decreasing the import dependency from fossil fuels and by the reduction of greenhouse gases.
This document is the final report of the European Project BOILeff (Raising the efficiency of boiler installations).