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In this booklet, the results of the ZERO-PLUS are described emphasizing on the four case studies (UK, Italy, France, Cyprus), which all have now been constructed, commissioned and occupied. The case studies are in the monitoring phase where data about their energy environmental performance are being collected. These data will be used for the verification of the settlements’ performance.
Post date: 31 jul 2020
Type: Publication

The renovation of the residential complex of Via Passeggiata dei Castani is one of the interventions developed within the FP7 Smart City project SINFONIA and has been concluded at the beginning of 2019.   The area is located in the east side of the city of Bolzano, under a mountain and the complex has been build in the ‘90ies. The complex is owned by the Municipality of Bolzano and it is composed by two buildings, that have 72 apartments distributed by four staircases for a total surface of 7456 m2.
Post date: 28 jul 2020
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HAPPEN (Holistic APproach and Platform for the deep renovation of the med residential built ENvironment) is a project that develops and rolls out the MedZEB approach: a tailored, holistic, transparent and adaptive strategy aimed to foster the market uptake of the deep energy retrofitting of the Mediterranean residential built environment.
Post date: 27 jul 2020
Type: Publication

The Upgrade DH project will support and initiate the upgrading process of eight district heating demo cases in Europe in the following countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Denmark, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, and The Netherlands and will provide the basis for replication to other cities.
Post date: 17 jul 2020
Type: Publication

Europeans have become used to seeing solar panels on the roofs of buildings. But there are plenty of other man-made surfaces in our cities and towns that could be used to harvest energy, including building surfaces.  
Post date: 8 jul 2020
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The newsletter from eCENTRAL project is out!   Read the latest news about nZEB from Europe.   The news are:
Post date: 7 jul 2020
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For the past 15 months Eurac Research has been offering extensive advice to the Ukrainian government on promoting sustainable development and renewable energy. The consultancy, implemented by an Italo-Austrian team, included the Austrian Energy Agency, Austrian Environmental Agency, Eurac Research Institute for Renewable Energy and was coordinated by E-Control.
Post date: 6 jul 2020
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Join us on Thursday 16 July for the REMOURBAN 3rd final conference. We will share our insights, experience and results from this major 5-year project as it comes to an end.  
Post date: 3 jul 2020
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The webinar “Back home. How global crisis will change the places where we live” organised by the CyprusInstitute, Project Partner of ZERO-PLUS, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Cyprus Ambasciata d' Italia a Nicosia - Embassy of Italy in Nicosia, was successfully completed on June 10.  
Post date: 3 jul 2020
Type: Nyheder

FACEcamp project aims at strengthening a long-term transnational cooperation among companies and R&I entities in the field of advanced façade systems for healthy, comfortable and energy efficient buildings. FACEcamp goal is to support stakeholders to cope effectively with the facade performances.   Thus, the specific objectives are:  
Post date: 2 jul 2020
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