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Whether you’re at school or college, thinking of returning to learning, applying for a job, or considering taking your education and training to the next stage, it’s now easier for everyone – learners, employers, providers and advisors – to understand the national qualifications system.
Post date: 7 maj 2012
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Post date: 24 feb 2012
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For the future default - the nearly-zero-energy building - detailed knowledge in planning, execution and quality assurance is necessary through Blower-Door testing and thermography.
Post date: 9 mar 2011
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Post date: 27 okt 2009
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This report is part of the work carried out within the SQUARE project (EIE/07/093/SI2.466701) - A System for Quality Assurance when Retrofitting Existing Buildings to Energy Efficient Buildings. The project is co-funded by the European Commission, supported by its Programme Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE). The SQUARE project aims to assure energy efficient retrofitting of of multifamily houses with good indoor environment, in a systematic and controlled way.
Post date: 21 aug 2009
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Post date: 14 aug 2009
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An important part of the energy efficiency improvement potential lies in the existing residential building stock. If we are to achieve significant reductions of energy use in existing buildings, it is important to perform future large-scale retrofitting of buildings in a systematic and controlled manner. When retrofitting a building many aspects must be taken into account and a quality assurance (QA) system can be a helpful tool in this process. To achieve effective routines during the management stage is also important.
Post date: 13 aug 2009
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