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Call for presentations   Why are Panel Sessions so important? Parallel Panel sessions are where most of the “magic” happens and they are among the most popular parts of the programme. One of the many things that make C4E Forum special is interaction among participants. The whole morning on both Thursday and Friday will be dedicated to Panel sessions in which participants will have an opportunity to share their experience, discuss issues and look for inspiration for their everyday work.   
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Acquis d’apprentissage   Au terme de ce module, vous serez capables :  
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During its final conference, SHERPA will offer the participants a dynamic debate with European actors and ERB experts on European policies and strategies to achieve the European CO2 reduction and Energy Efficiency targets, with a main focus on Energy Renovation of Buildings.   It will also be an opportunity to highlight the importance of the European Green Deal and the next programming period.  
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The SISMA tool is a guidance for local public authorities for better planning investments on deep renovation in public buildings, without the need of deep technical expertise and without submission of huge amounts of data.   Register here and a message will pop up for you to download the tool for free. It is available in Bosnian, English, French, Greek, Italian, Slovenian and Spanish.  
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Renovating the EU building stock Deep renovation of buildings has the potential to cut 36% of their energy consumption by 2030, while reducing the EU’s dependency on imported energy, creating growth, innovation and employment, reducing fuel poverty and resulting in more comfortable and healthier buildings.  
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Objectives of the Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage (JPI CH)
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ENERFUND is a tool that rates and scores deep renovation opportunities. The tool is based on a set of parameters such as the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) rating, year of construction of the building, cost of retrofitting in the said area, and others. During this workshop, the step by step process of how a user can filter and select buildings within the ENERFUND database will be shown.  
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Join us on the journey to decarbonize the built environment!  
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Join our first INDUSTRY DAY WEBINAR on the 24th October at 10am   Registration is free. Just log in and learn from BIM-SPEED experts. On the day we will talk about best practices of using BIM in residential renovation projects with the focus on high performance buildings, and provide guidance and advice.   Get involved!   Agenda for the day:
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