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The makeover of 4RinEU demo case in the Netherlands was completed in July 2020. According to the latest estimates, energy demand will be reduced by 80%.   Mariënheuvel is a residential building for elderly people located in Soest and owned by the social housing agency Woonzorg Nederland.  
Post date: 10 mar 2021
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Concept:   Small and medium-sized municipalities in the region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes are not meeting their energy saving goals due to a lack of technical and legal expertise.   The EU-funded BAPAURA project will offer a scheme to support energy efficiency investments in 115 public buildings, by developing advanced and centralised energy services for small and medium-sized municipalities.  
Post date: 5 mar 2021
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The aim of the project and the associated construction measures is to repair the existing and restore the original condition.   The floor plans will be spatially and functionally separated, with the aim of consistently uncovering the core building from 1765 on all floors.  
Post date: 1 mar 2021
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The reduction of energy demand in buildings through the adoption of energy efficiency policy is a key pillar of the European Union (EU) climate and energy strategy. Energy Efficiency first emerged in the EU energy policy agenda in the 1970s and was progressively transformed with shifting global and EU energy and climate policies and priorities.  
Post date: 26 feb 2021
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  The European Commission is hosting a Sustainable Energy Investment Forum (SEI Forum) webinar on integrated home renovation services in Europe on Friday 26 February 2021 from 10.00 to 12.00 (CET).   
Post date: 18 feb 2021
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How to make an existing home energy efficient, gas-free, or energy neutral?   This 90' minutes webinar will offer housing providers ways to make an existing home energy efficient, gas-free, or energy neutral!   The goal of the TripleA-reno Board Game is to become more knowledgeable about the energy transition and to gain new insights into measures and concepts that play a role in the energy transition.  
Post date: 11 feb 2021
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The multi-family house from the turn of the century was saved from demolition and extensively renovated. 6 apartments were set up with the latest technology and low energy consumption. The usable building fabric was carefully renovated and new elements added accordingly.   The comprehensive renovation enables comfort standards from the new building in the guise of an old building:  
Post date: 3 feb 2021
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A vártnál jóval több hazai lakóépületben végeztek energiahatékonysági felújítást az elmúlt öt évben, de ezek a beruházások jellemzően részlegesek voltak, energetikai tervezés nélkül történtek, valószínűleg ezért nem eredményeztek említésre méltó energiamegtakarítást –   mondta a Magyar Energiahatékonysági Intézet (MEHI) igazgatója.  
Post date: 27 jan 2021
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Na początku 2021 roku weszły w życie przepisy zmieniające ustawę o wspieraniu termomodernizacji i remontów.   Ustawa przewiduje utworzenie Centralnej Ewidencji Emisyjności Budynków (CEEB), która ma służyć do zidentyfikowania źródeł emisji z budynków.  
Post date: 26 jan 2021
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We are excited to announce that registration for the SBE21 Conference on Sustainable Built Heritage is open.   Join us for a three-day full immersion in the world of heritage preservation and enhancement. SBE21 Heritage will take place from the 14th to the 16th of April 2021.  
Post date: 19 jan 2021
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