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The Design Phase Report documenting the status before the renovations and the developed retrofit concepts for all 4 demonstration school buildings of the School of the Future project within EU's 7th Framework Programme is now available. Find details of the school renovation concepts here.
Post date: 6 nov 2013
Type: Publication

Four constructors and six housing corporations signed a deal called “De Stroomversnelling” (or "The Rapids") on the 20th of June 2013. The goal of this collaboration: to refurbish 111.000 homes to zero-energy, starting with 11.000 homes and ten organisations. The deal was signed by housing corporations Portaal, Lefier, Woonwaard, Stadlander, Tiwos, Wonen Limburg  and the contractors VolkerWessels, BAM, Ballast Nedam and Dura Vermeer. Jan Willem van de Groep signed on behalf of Platform31, who initiated the deal.
Post date: 1 nov 2013
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Information is provided about the 5-year innovation-implementation program « Energiesprong » (EnergyLeap in Dutch) which helps to create market conditions for an energy neutral built environment in the Netherlands. The website shows inspiring examples of new low energy buildings and low energy renovation, in residential and non-residential buildings and at district level. There is also information about Platform31 who is running the program, publications by the Energysprong and the latest news about the Energyleap.
Post date: 29 okt 2013
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This law implemented the Directive 2002/91/EC (EPBD) and most of the recast Directive 2010/31/EU in France, introducing Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings and a target for the refurbishment of the French existing building stock.
Post date: 22 okt 2013
Type: Publication

The Tito Maccio Plauto School in Cesena, Italy, is one of four schools that are demonstration buildings within the "School of the Future" project, an EU 7FP demonstration project. A new video made by ENEA web TV shows the realisation of the energy efficient renovation of the building. Learn more about the used technologies and strategies here.
Post date: 22 okt 2013
Type: Nyheder

In the framework of ZEMedS project, which deals with school deep renovation leading nZEB concept in Mediterranean climates, first exemplary renovations have been identified in this regard. The corresponding schools are located in Montpellier surroundings and have been conceived according to BBC French voluntary label. - Victor Hugo School in Clapiers - La Castelle School Group in Lattes
Post date: 9 okt 2013
Type: tilfælde

ZEMedS is a 3 years project (2013-2016) co-funded by the European Commission within the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE) that promotes renovation of schools in a Mediterranean climate to become nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB). There are several barriers that hinder school building renovation from achieving nZEB levels in Mediterranean climates, ZEMedS is tackling the following two specific barriers:
Post date: 8 okt 2013
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According to European Directives, Europe’s newly-built houses will have to use almost no energy from 2021. However, renovation of homes towards nearly zero-energy is still in a demonstration phase. This means that actors delivering renovation will need to speed up their market development and improve their market strategies. The goal of this workshop is to explore key issues that allow the development of structures for collaboration between actors that are involved in delivering nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEBs).
Post date: 16 sep 2013
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"Renoveren A+" is a free tool to assist in the selection of necessary measures to accomplish deep renovation. The tool supplies information towards a solution strategy for a given energy ambition, whereby the starting point is the reduction of the energy demand. Results are given for annual energy values, but there are also possibilities for finance and particular interest towards building physics, building construction and installation. When the user of the tool chooses other options, different results will be given.
Post date: 8 jul 2013
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