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Post date: 8 dec 2010
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CECODHAS Housing Europe is a network of national and regional housing federations of housing organisations. Its 45 members in 21 European Members States manage 25 million dwellings which represent 12% of the total housing stock.
Post date: 25 nov 2010
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The education of a nation's population is the foundation for its improvement and growth in the international community. Educational buildings are the cornerstone of this foundation and they consume a large portion of a nation's non-industrial energy needs. The indoor climate of the buildings (indoor air quality, percepted temperature, possible glare and acoustics) have a substantial influence on the knowledge transfer.
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Councillor Phil Cutter, Herefordshire Council's energy champion, said: "As fuel costs continue to increase, more and more people are seeking ways to reduce their energy bills. "Last year we issued a record 1,130 SEES grants and a further 1,300 people received grants for loft and cavity wall insulation. "It is wonderful to be able to help so many households and I hope people will take advantage of this new round of grants which will not only reduce their fuel bills but will also reduce the impact their activities have on the environment," he added.
Post date: 16 jun 2010
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