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REQUEST facilitates this by providing national and regional agencies across the EU with a set of tried and tested tools and techniques which they can use together in different, but structured, ways to promote: an integrated customer journey that leads from certification to low carbon action and an integrated supply chain with mutual recognition of the roles of the various disciplines involved. The contract of the project has just been signed.
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Kitchen extensions were the most popular home improvement (13%), closely followed by conservatories (12%) and attic conversions (10%). Shelter and RIBA released the research to coincide with the launch this week of Architect in the House, a successful fundraising initiative now in its 14th year, in which architects nationwide offer free hour-long consultations to the public in return for a £40 suggested donation to Shelter. So far, the scheme has raised over £1 million for homeless and badly housed families and helped 50,000 homeowners realise their home improvement aspirations.
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The new strategy will help people make smarter use of energy in homes, making it easier to take action and reduce bills. Installing some technologies, such as solid wall insulation, could see energy bills cut by £380 a year (average between 2013 and 2020). The new strategy will also be good for jobs, with up to 65,000 jobs required in the green homes industry as a result, for example installing and manufacturing energy saving measures or providing home energy advice. The strategy will be implemented in a three stage plan:
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