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The ALDREN Webinars

ALDREN – ALliance for Deep RENovation in Buildings  The ALDREN Project – ALliance for Deep RENovation in buildings – focuses on increasing the rate and quality of building renovations through the development of performance...


HeAt PumPs in existing multi-family buildings for achieving union's ENergy and envIromeNtal Goals Objective Currently, buildings are responsible for 40 % of the energy demand and 36% of the CO2 emissions in Europe. Decarbonisation...

SMART-UP project

Smart Tall Buildings by using Piezoelectricity in Joints Objective   The SMART-UP project will initiate innovative devices called piezoelectric-dampers (PiDs) to be embedded in modern tall buildings for simultaneous structural elements connection...

AUNA project

The Spanish permanent multilateral Smart Finance FORUM for Smart Buildings Objective In extension of the work of the Sustainable Energy Investment Forums, AÚNA proposes to create in Spain a permanent, multilevel, multilateral discussion FORUM, fully...


The EU Smart Building Innovation Platform Objective The building sector is one of the key enablers to achieve low carbon economy goals for 2050. To deliver this potential, buildings need to transform from passive isolated elements to smart buildings...

MATRYCS project

Modular Big Data Applications for Holistic Energy Services in Buildings Objective The decentralization of the energy system coupled with advancements on IoT, big data, AI and distributed computing are creating a new momentum for exploiting data-...

Webinar | Calculations with the set of EPB standards - Introduction and overarching calculation procedures

Webinar 7 – Example calculations with the set of EPB standards – (1) Introduction and overarching calculation procedures (12h00 – 13h30 – 6th October 2020) Following the successful first series of 6 webinars on the Energy Performance of Buildings...

OVERVIEW | Architecture 4.0

This overview explores the concept of Architecture 4.0 and its relation to digital information and communication technologies. It is important to emphasise that the digital transformation, as described by the European Commission, is characterised by...

PRECEPT project

A novel decentralized edge-enabled PREsCriptivE and ProacTive framework for increased energy efficiency and well-being in residential buildings PRECEPT ambitiously aims to set the grounds for the deployment and operation of proactive residential...

SMAFIN project

Supporting smart financing implementation for energy efficient Balkan Buildings The overall aim of this proposal is to set up permanent discussion forums on energy efficiency investment topics gathering government, local and regional authorities,...