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Short Film on use of EU funds for energy saving measures in France now Online

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The film produced by L' Union Sociale pour l'habitat shows highlights of their conference which was hosted by the European Parliament's Urban Intergroup with the support of French MEP and Vice President of the group Karima Delli.

The use of European Regional Development Fund for energy efficiency measures in housing is possible in all EU Member States however since the measure was introduced in 2009, France has shown to be the country which has managed to use the highest percentage of the available funds.

Despite the fact that in other Member States the needs in this field are clear and the fact that they now run the risk of having to reimburse un-used EU funding this 4 per cent has simply not been used.

The objective of this conference was to explain in more detail just what the conditions in France are which made the absorption of these funds possible in a complex sector over a short space of time. Experts came from seven of France's regional social housing federations to outline their experience in the planning and use of the EU funding.

The European Commission, represented by Rudolf Niessler and The Secretary of State For Housing, Christos Doulkeridis representing the EU Belgian presidency, both addressed the conference stressing their full support for the initiative.