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ICT for energy and water efficiency in social housing: ICE-WISH pilot project started.

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On 1st April 2011 the demonstration ICE-WISH project, co-funded within the ICT PSP framework programme of the European Commission, was officially started.

The focus of the project is to design, integrate and pilot an innovative solution for social housing, using mature and interactive ICT, to enable sustained reductions of energy and water consumption of at least 15% below the current practice, without compromising living conditions, across 300 social dwellings in ten European countries, with latitudes ranging from 56oN to 38oN.

This is to be addressed by:

-       providing a ‘user-friendly’ and widely accessible ICT-based service to engage individual households as active players in developing water and energy conservation practices;

-       providing effective and real-time ICT monitoring and control of energy and water usage and environmental conditions and user behaviour;

-       providing social landlords, local, regional and national public decision-makers with real-life information in order to encourage them to implement environmental-energy-related policy actions, incentives or/and investments decisions at public and private level.

During the 3-years project duration, the ICE-WISH consortium will carry out a daily commitment to implement and optimize the service for social housing. For this, user and operational requirements will be captured by consultation with households and interested parties, during the first 5 months of the project. Results will be used to establish service specifications and finalise the service architecture for monitoring a trial group of 30 dwellings at each pilot site.

This will culminate in the integration and operation of the ICE-WISH service for at least 12 months in 10 pilot sites. Within this operation phase, a continuous management of customised information with real-time data and feedback on resource consumption, a real-time advice/guidance on optimum operation of the building systems and components, an assessment of value of access to the offered interactive service and an assessment of service viability and operability will be provided.

ICE-WISH, coordinated by Consorzio Nazionale CasaQualità, an operative branch of the National Social Housing Coops Federation associated to Cecodhas, is mainly lead by social housing providers (leader of each national pilot) with the operational support of key players in building technology, ICT suppliers and providers, water and energy suppliers. The project is directly working with users and local stakeholders to fully carry out all activities in the above mentioned service implementation process.

Giancarlo Tofanelli, Project coordinator: “ICE-WISH’s key innovation is the way information and advice is presented to the consumer, via real time and historic on-screen display items within the TV viewing experience. The Social Householder will be able to achieve energy savings with maximum convenience to themselves (from their armchair) and at minimal investment as the domestic energy infrastructure is unchanged. By addressing security and privacy issues, we will try to avoid the “spy on my homes” effect and significantly enhance user engagement to encourage positive user action and lasting behavioural change”.

He continued: “the integration of ICT can make homes more energy/water-efficient, and consumers more energy/water-aware. By itself the ICE-WISH service is not smart enough to provide the full opportunity for significant resources savings; we should continue to work closely with people to anchor the idea of sustainability in people’s everyday lives by keeping people informed and empowering them, one of the ways of doing this is with face-to face meetings”.  He concluded: “ICE-WISH is fully on line with the last Energy Efficiency Plan 2011 adopted by the European Commission, which proposes the rollout of smart grids and smart meters, providing consumers with the information and services necessary to optimize their energy consumption and calculate their energy savings”.

The kick-off meeting took place on 13-15 April 2011 in Rome. The project website will be available in the summer of 2011 and will inform on the project progress and offer project results at:

Person contact:

Consorzio Nazionale CasaQualità

TOFANELLI Giancarlo – project coordinator

via E.Quirino Visconti, 85

00193 Rome




Architect Ph.D-  Project coordination team

Tel. +39-347-7945034

E-mail: a.lusardi@casaqualità.it