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Friendly house

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Educational campaign on energy eficiency in buildings
Friendly House is a nationwide educational programme focused on improving the energy efficiency in buildings. The scope of the program is energy efficient design, modernization, and exploitation of buildings. The actions include promotion of building certification implemented by the European directive 2002/91/EC as well. The programme targets private and corporate investors, tenants, building managers, local authority officers, key professional groups and media.

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Andrzej Wiszniewski


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Dienstag, 1 Januar, 2002

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Partly funded by the government, stakeholders (private companies).

Economic effect

It is hard to estimate the energy results of the programme since only soft measures are being undertaken. We can assume that the programme in large part contributed to increased interest in undertaking thermomodernization actions with some 3 885 000 publications distributed and the website in use since 2002. Basing on the data provided by the Thermomodernization Fund, co-financing energy efficient modernizations, the number of applications :"only" doubled from 1999 (144 applications) to 2002 (325 applications), while increased 10 times after the programme kicked off, from 2002 (325 applications) to 2007 (3313 applications). Some 10000 thermomodernization actions have been undertaken from 2002 within the support of Thermomodernization Fund. The programme also contributed to undertaking energy efficient measures in buildings outside the framework of the Fund, but here figures are unknown.