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The EC CONCERTO Initiative presents new videos concerning energy savings in public buildings and energy management

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The two Best Practice videos take place in in Ostfildern, South Germany.

Saving energy in public buildings - and in the district, Example Ostfildern, Germany

This first video focuses on educational and other public buildings and more specifically, energy solutions for public buildings and the importance of social interaction between different generations.

Smart energy monitoring and energy management - key to lower energy bills, Example Ostfildern, Germany

And, the second on database monitoring and the task of reducing energy consumption in public buildings using these systems.

To read the complete press release, please click here to go to the CONCERTO website.

To view the videos please click here:


The CONCERTO Initiative of the European Commission, DG Energy, has co-funded 58 cities and communities in 22 projects and 23 countries. The initiative has started in 2005 and will last until 2014. The projects are role models for energy efficiency in buildings and communities.

To read more about the CONCERTO Initiative, please click here.