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EU-wide database makes results from energy efficiency projects accessible

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The EU CONCERTO initiative has presented a database of major construction and retrofitting projects which have already been or are still being carried out in 58 European municipalities and communities at Frankfurt's ISH 2013 trade fair.

As an example, communities can start by gaining an overview of the technologies used in CONCERTO projects, along with the results of the projects, which include highly usable indicators such as CO2 avoidance costs and amortisation periods. Calculating these indicators includes both measured and calculated energy flow, with maximum transparency that assists in understanding how the values have been attained and how to interpret them correctly.
Users ranging from engineers to politicians can retrieve information in a form useful to their particular purpose by applying specific search criteria: topic – such as projects with solar thermal energy, target group – data and indicators that developers would be interested in and geographic or event-based indicators - useful for new construction projects or financing programme development. It even gives you answers to questions such as, 'Which showcase projects have shown the lowest CO2 avoidance costs. There is a need to take regional and national circumstances into account in the analysis – starting with projects in your own country is always a good idea.