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EMBED Building performance platform

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EMBED Building performance platform


Embed wants to create the largest and smartest repository for building and technology data from across the UK and the world. Upload your data for private use or make it public for partners and others to view.

Embed allows you to:

Discover and learn from real data from real buildings – Embed contains a wealth of data including publicly accessible programmes such as Retrofit for the Future. Embed allows you to learn from the process behind a project, view and analyse the performance data and allows you to make informed decisions.

Upload and download a huge variety of data – Embed uses the AMON standard, this allows for any type of monitoring data to be uploaded and viewed. Embed also allows for contextual information surrounding a project to be uploaded, as well as test results, thermal images and other documents. Embed can pretty much accommodate any form of information that you think is relevant. As well as being able to upload anything you want Embed also allows you to download monitored data in one, standard format. This allows you to conduct your own analysis whenever you want.

Share and compare information and performance – You can make your data accessible for others allowing them to review your project and learn from its data. Embed allows you to pick and choose what you share and who with, allowing for great collaboration tool. Embed also allows you to compare projects and performances. Use embed to compare how different technologies are performing in different circumstances and learn from the individual projects.

Store and monitor your data – Embed is a hub for all kinds of data, allowing you to upload every aspect of your monitoring project. Not only does embed hold all of your information it also lets you quickly access it to. You can monitor your performance data easily and identify any emerging trends or issues.

Embed is growing and so is its data set. We want embed to become the repository for technology and building performance monitoring projects and we’re off to a great start. We already have a huge amount of data available from programmes such as Retrofit for the Future and various Energy Saving Trust technology field trials.

If you have monitoring data you want to share or you are undertaking a live trial you want to keep private you can take advantage of EMBED. To find out more about what EMBED can do for your project get in touch  embed@est.org.uk

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