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Ukrainian cities unite to send out energy efficiency SOS

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EurActiv exclusive (original source). A bloc of 35 Ukrainian cities has sent an urgent plea for European help in scaling up the efficiency of their buildings, district heating and transport networks in a bid to curb Russian energy dependence.

The letter, which EurActiv has seen, was sent by the Association of Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine (EECU) which unites local authorities from the country’s east and west, encompassing two million people.

It has sparked fresh calls for EU action on efficiency in an energy security report next month that will weigh measures to curb Europe's reliance on Russian gas, some 40% which arrives via Ukraine.

The former Soviet republic’s need to wean itself off gas and nuclear power dependency is described as “critical” by Volodymyr Harazd, the EECU’s president, in the missive. He cites “hostile and often aggressive actions by the Russian Federation against Ukraine” and “the limited ability of the central government in Ukraine to address these” as pressing reasons for tackling energy waste.


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