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Albania on the road to energy market liberalisation

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In July 2015, the Government of Albania announced the opening of power exchange, in an effort to liberalise the electricity supply market and other energy sources in the country. The decision follows the voting of the new Bill on the Sector of Electricity. Furthermore, legal amendments will be made in order to create a new market model.


Regarding the latest inititatives concering the liberalisation of the country's energy market, the Minister of Energy, Damian Gjiknuri, says that this power exchange will be a mechanism enabling physical and financial transaction of energy volumes. According to him, steps are taken towards joining energy markets with neighbouring countries, as is the case with Kosovo. The strengthening of interconnection ties between the countries of the region is taking place in the framework of the process initiated by the Berlin Conference for the Balkan countries.


Based on the Electric Energy bill, 30% of the energy market is expected to be liberalised within 2018.



For further information, please visit the relevant Independent Balkan News Agency website.