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New database for certified Passive House components available

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The Passive House Institute released a new online database which provides a detailed overview of components for Passive House construction.  Over 600 highly energy-efficient products, independently tested and certified with reference to their energy-relevant qualities, can be found together with relevant technical information.


The start site includes an illustration of a house which facilitates the selection of the desired category. Each component can then be sorted according to different criteria. Information at a glance through individual depictions with graphs and key characteristic values is provided. Full information relating to energy-relevant characteristics is available at the corresponding Passive House certificates as well as links to manufacturers to contact them directly.


According to Dr. Wolfgang Feist, Director of the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany: "When considering the life cycle costs, Certified Passive House Components are almost always the best choice, both for new builds and for retrofits. The quality-proofed products provide reliably high energy savings – and with the new database, planners and building owners can easily gain an overview of the existing possibilities".


Details about the new database and possibilities of its use in practice will be presented at the International Passive House Conference 2016 in Darmstadt.


Further information is available at: