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ecoGator App

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Energy Efficiency in the Palm of Your Hand


The ecoGator app – available on Android and iOS – empowers consumers to achieve energy efficiency with every appliance purchase, and live more sustainable lifestyles away from the shop floor. Through these features, ecoGator fills a current gap in the retail sector by providing up-to-date advice about energy-efficient and sustainable purchases and use of products directly at the point of sale.


The app offers the following:


1. Innovative scanning function


ecoGator is the first app which can read and process data from a product’s EU energy label by simply using a smartphone camera. After scanning the label, a traffic light system clearly indicates if the product belongs to the most efficient 20 % of products on the market in its category. Labels can be scanned for the following categories: TVs, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers The app automatically detects the product’s category based on its label, and calculates its electricity cost both per year and for a given product lifetime, giving a fuller picture of lifetime running costs. The app also allows users to create personal watchlists and shopping profiles.



2. Energy cost calculator


ecoGator translates abstract efficiency ratings into energy costs over the entire product lifetime. Electricity costs for one year and for the assumed product use phase (with a default lifetime value, which can be easily adjusted by the user) are calculated immediately based on the annual energy consumption declared on the label.



3. Product database


Products can be ranked against a built-in database of the most energy-efficient products in each category. Saving product information quickly and easily in-app and being able to compare it with the best performing products nationally is one of the application’s added values, and is a unique way of helping customers make an informed purchase decision. The database covers lighting, televisions and white goods.



4. Encouraging sustainable lifestyles


Gamification elements –such as quizzes and tips– encourage more frequent use and build up knowledge of how consumers can make their homes more efficient.



For further information or to download the app, please visit the ecoGator website at the link below.

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